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Colorscaping by WAC: Transform Your Outdoor Oasis with the Ultimate Expression of Light

Colorscaping by WAC: Transform Your Outdoor Oasis with the Ultimate Expression of Light

Introduction to Colorscaping by WAC

Discover a transformative way to redefine your outdoor space. With Colorscaping by WAC, harness the power of state-of-the-art technology and open the doors to a whole new world of lighting experiences.

The Magic of Tunable White Light

The magic of Colorscaping lies in tunable white light technology. It allows you to customize the tone of your outdoor lighting, ranging from a warm, cozy glow of 2700K to a bright, invigorating light at 6500K. Your outdoor oasis can now resonate with your mood, the time of day, or the occasion.

The Infinite Color Palette of WAC

And then, there's color. With WAC's nearly infinite color palette, your outdoors become the canvas, and you, the artist. This innovative technology lets you paint your landscape with bold, dynamic, and awe-inspiring hues to truly make it your own.

Transformative Lighting Options

  • Accent, Wall Wash & Inground Luminaires

  • Dramatically transform your landscape with Accent, Wall Wash, and Inground luminaires. Each luminaire type offers distinct lighting solutions, from spotlighting a particular feature to illuminating a broad area.
  • Path & Walkway Lighting

  • Adding pools of soft illumination on your walkways and garden paths, not only ensures safety but also adds an inviting glow to your outdoor space.
  • Hardscape & Masonry Lighting

  • Stone elements and facades come alive under the stunning array of lights. The vibrancy of colors creates a living art piece out of your landscape.

The Pinnacle of Flexibility

This isn't just about beautiful lights. It's also about ease and convenience. All fixtures can be controlled via an app, allowing you to adjust brightness, and color or white light output. All this, with just conventional two-wire landscape wiring!

Advanced RGBWW Color Technology

The heart of this innovative system is the advanced RGBWW color technology. It provides a plethora of options to experiment and play with colors.

WAC App and its Capabilities

smartphone app for WAC colorscaping

The WAC app takes connectivity to a new level. You can choose custom colors, create scenes, zones, and groups via Wi-Fi. Furthermore, it offers scheduling options according to dates/times, special events, and dynamic patterns, including sunrise and sunset.

The Colorscaping Transformer

The Colorscaping Transformer is the hub of your landscape fixtures, which can be controlled as a single group and automated in the WAC App. They can be added to schedules or controlled by the app or other supported control systems with brightness and color changing control over dimmable fixtures.  A Colorscaping tranformer is required for all WAC Colorscaping fixtures.  


Whether it's a tranquil retreat or a lively gathering space, Colorscaping by WAC makes it possible to not just illuminate, but also elevate your outdoor space. It offers you the power and flexibility to transform your landscape into an awe-inspiring oasis of light and color.


  1. What is the range of the tunable white light in Colorscaping by WAC?

    The tunable white light ranges from a warm 2700K to a bright 6500K.

  2. How can I control the lighting fixtures in the Colorscaping system?

    All lighting fixtures can be controlled via an app which lets you adjust brightness, and color or white light output.

  3. What types of lighting does Colorscaping offer?

    Colorscaping offers Accent, Wall Wash, and Inground Luminaires, along with Path & Walkway Lighting and Hardscape & Masonry Lighting.

  4. What is the RGBWW color technology?

    RGBWW stands for Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, and White. It's an advanced color technology that provides a plethora of color options.

  5. Can I schedule the lighting with the WAC app?

    Yes, you can schedule luminaires according to dates/times, special events, and dynamic patterns, including sunrise and sunset, via the WAC app.

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